Living life vicariously

Living life vicariously,
And in the memories of times past.
Hearing the rails of others at their over-activity,
While struggling with how long my days last.

I would often pontificate,         
Avowing “being” over “doing”.
Now, I see how those two are never easy to separate.
I am found in my undertaking.

Being from many parts is cut;
Life has formed mine in its procession.
What am I looking for?  Not praise, power, or glory, but,
For that being to find expression.

[Martyn Cooper, December 2016]

“Life’s ups and downs”

This is a title I have long held as being apt for my autobiography.
Everybody has periods of more or less good fortune or high levels of activity contrasting with periods of ennui. Well I have this in extremis! I have a psychiatric diagnosis of bipolar.

At the moment my mood is “high” and my physical body is struggling to keep up with my over-active mind.

A weekend of sport

A weekend of sport, well watching it on the television.
My days of running round after a ball are long over.
I can still enjoy the emotional ebb and flow as the game progresses,
And admire the skill on display.

Hard Time

“You know? Times are hard”
“Well he has had a hard time”
And time is hard,
Relentlessly hard.
Hard time.

[Martyn Cooper 1-10-1983]